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  It’s easy to learn English at English Los Angeles.  We offer private online English courses (ESL) at affordable prices.  Our courses are for adult and younger students of all levels.  We have a fast and easy enrollment process with

Private Classes

Private Classes

  At English Los Angeles, our students have the opportunity to have their own private teacher.  Our private online courses provide each of our students the 1-on-1 interaction with their teachers that is not found in classroom settings.  Our teachers

Multiple Locations

Multiple Locations

English Los Angeles teaches our English courses (ESL) online.  Our students are able to learn English from anywhere they have an internet connection. Same Course Standard Each of our courses; has a college educated and certified instructor. uses the same

English Los Angeles students choose their own convenient schedules

Convenient Times

  Our students are able to choose their own class schedules.  First, our students choose whether they would like to have their classes 2 or 3 times per week.  Second, our students choose which days of the week they would

Open Enrollment - New Classes Starting Weekly at English Los Angeles

Open Enrollment

  We have an open enrollment system at English Los Angeles which is simple.  First, complete our free Online Class Application.   Second, we will send you an email with options to pay for your course.  Third, your first class within

Affordable Prices

Affordable Prices

Our online class application is free and our class prices include all course costs. Affordable Class Prices Our online ESL, Citizenship Test, TOEFL, and IELTS courses have affordable costs without hidden fees.   Our course costs INCLUDE: Application Fee Processing Fee

English Classes (ESL)

We offer online English courses at affordable prices. Our courses are for both adult and younger students of all levels. We have a fast and easy enrollment process with new classes starting every week.

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