Learning English is simple at English Los Angeles.  We offer private online English classes (ESL) at affordable prices.  Our classes are for adult and younger students of all levels.  We have a fast and easy enrollment process with new classes starting every week.

Learn English

Our English classes (ESL) are available as online private courses ($479).  Each course includes 20-hours of class time with an experienced English teacher.  Students can choose to complete their courses in 3-weeks, 4-weeks or 5-weeks.  Our small and interactive classes to provide our students the needed time to speak English.  As always, speaking a new language with another person is the fastest and most effective way of learning the new language.  Additionally, each student receives a textbook and syllabus along with 25 to 35-hours of activities and homework to do outside of class.

  Learn English at SoCal's top English school - English classes (ESL classes)

English Classes for Everyone

Our English school offers online English classes (ESL) for students all levels.  In addition, we have courses for specific purposes such as the US Citizenship Test, TOEFL exam, and IELTS exam.  Our classes include;

Our English classes (ESL) are available as online private classes ($479).  Each course includes 20-hours of class time.

Learn English at SoCal's top English school - English classes (ESL classes)

Online Class Enrollment

1 – Complete our Online Class Application.

2 – After completing our Online Class Application, we will contact you within 24-hours with our payment instructions using Zelle or bank deposit at Wells Fargo.

3 – After you complete your course payment, you will receive your course book for home activities and homework and an email with your teacher and class information.

4 – Your first class will start within 1-week of your payment.

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Spanish Speakers

See our free English classes offered in video form.  These free English classes are for low beginner (A1) and high beginner (A2)  ESL students who speak Spanish.  Many students have found our free English classes to be helpful; however, they are not a substitute for our in-person English classes.

Want to Learn Spanish?

Spanish School Mexico is our sister school which has affordable Spanish courses available for all levels of learners.